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Working with representatives of the EU institutions has been my everyday life since 2006. I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, so that together we can achieve common goals established on the basis of your expectations and needs.

Lobbying is a natural and indispensable element of the decision-making process in the European Union. Almost 12,000 entities - companies, NGOs, local government organisations, think tanks, foundations- are in the EU Transparency Register. Day by day they try to shape the EU law while providing decision-makers with recommendations and proposals based on their knowledge and experience. This requires close cooperation with the EU institutions: the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission; with various stakeholders present in Brussels as well as with media representatives. My services and support will depend on your objectives and requirements.

Amongst other services, I propose:

  • comprehensive support including the development and implementation of a lobbying strategy;
  • ongoing assessment of the strategy implementation and its adaptation to changing needs and conditions;
  • effective representation of your interests in the EU;
  • stakeholders’ map development: identification of your potential partners and opponents as well as the creation of a reliable and stable network;
  • ongoing monitoring of the legislative process and relevant initiatives undertaken by EU institutions and partners;
  • building your image and good reputation;
  • media relations, assistance in the organisation of events, e.g. conferences, workshops, working meetings as part of the lobbying strategy and image building.

A successful implementation of all these objectives requires daily cooperation with the client, mutual trust and a professional and friendly atmosphere. This is what I guarantee!

A positive perception of a given industry or entity opens many doors in the European institutions. Image and recognition, like trust, is often built over years. But it is an investment that will pay off. Especially because the European decision-making process can last several months, even years. How can you do it? Be proactive and creative, demonstrate your engagement in EU affairs, create the agenda of EU institutions, propose new initiatives and legislative solutions and share good practice! By establishing relationships with MEPs, representatives of the European Commission and partners at the European level, I will help you to build a comprehensive and reliable network of contacts, gain recognition and a good reputation, and thus ob-tain a real opportunity to shape EU law.

I offer you a comprehensive image building strategy and its implementation, as well as network creation and professional management of your contacts.

How do the European institutions work? What is the EU legislative process and where do the directives and regulations come from? How to effectively influence the creation of European law?

I will help you answer these and many other questions during trainings tailored to your expectations and needs.

I would also be happy to share with you my knowledge and experience in the field of EU law related to labour and service mobility, employment and social affairs or the road transport sector.

I produce working papers and reports on the state of EU affairs with regards to issues of interest to you.

I am open to new challenges and eager to discover new fields of expertise!

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