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I am an independent expert
and EU Public Affairs Consultant.

My professional career started in Brussels in 2006. At present, after many years working in the capital of Europe, I am passionate to share my knowledge and experience with you. I am well integrated in the public affairs sector, advising various clients on relations with EU institutions. I worked as a MEP adviser in the European Parliament for 10 years and I have been actively involved in creating Euro-pean law in the field of labour and services mobility as well as the road transport sector and employment and social policy.


"Margareta has been serving for 10 years as my advisor in the European Parliament. She has been my “right hand” and assisted me closely in the legislative work. This is how she got great and unique experience in drafting amendments, negotiating with representatives of political groups, taking part in trialogue negotiations. She has been highly valued by colleagues from the EP administration, other MEPs and assistants. Margareta is a reliable person, always prepared, with an ability to work under time pressure. Currently Margareta is assisting me in my capacity as member of the Polish Parliament while monitoring the EU climate policy. She is a great professional and a great colleague.”

Danuta Jazłowiecka, Member of Polish Senat, former Member of the European Parliament


Working with representatives of the EU institutions has been my everyday life since 2006.I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, so that together we can achieve common goals established on the basis of your expectations and needs


"Margareta Przybyla has been working with Move Expert as an independent public advisor on EU affairs in the road transport sector. Her experience has helped us to improve our consultation with clients due to some ambiguities in the interpretation of the Lex specialis directive on the posting of drivers and uncertainties arising from the application of the new posting rules. She attended as a special guest our webinar on the key changes of the Mobility Package " All you need to know about the Mobility Package changes in road transport? " She currently supports the content of Move Expert' Blog 'Truck Mobility Info' by writing articles on various topics about Posting of drivers' legislation.  Her reactivity, expertise, professionalism and connection with the European Commission help us to provide high quality services to our carriers in the road transport sector."

Sebastien Schmitt, CEO and Founder of Move Expert
www.move-expert.com News About Mobility Package - Truck Mobility Info (truckmobility-info.com)

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"For more than two years Margareta Przybyła has been acting as Permanent Representative of ZMPD to the EU. During this time, she has been representing interests of Polish international hauliers with great professionalism and success. Due to her permanent presence in Brussels we have had a chance to influence EU decision making process, especially legislative work on the Mobility Package. As a result, the voice of ZMPD has been heard in Brussels. I value especially Margareta’s reliability, ability to navigate within the EU bubble as well as her interpersonal skills, which has enabled us to build long lasting relationships with partners from the EU.”

Jan Buczek, President of the Union of International Road Hauliers from Poland

Where you can find me

My everyday place of work is the capital of Europe- Brussels. I am close to where important things are happening for my clients, where decisions are taken and the future of European policies shaped. Committee meetings in the European Parliament, conferences and consultations organised by the European Commission, seminars and trainings, meetings with social partners, networking events… Every day I go to several different places to carry out the tasks entrusted to me by my clients.

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"With the support of Margareta CIE is strengthening its network in Brussels and reaching out to European decision makers in the field of vocational education and training. She assists us in organising the New Education Forum, while securing participation of top experts from the European institutions. Margareta is very professional in her work, well organised, with well established contacts in Brussels. She is a great team player, deeply engaged in each project.”

Joanna Bochniarz, General Director of Center for Innovative Education (CIE) www.ciedu.eu

"Margareta is supporting European Biodiesel Board with our outreach to MEPs, to make sure that our industry’s position reaches the right decision makers at the right time. Recently we have been working together on the Fit for 55 package and especially on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive. Margareta is a result driven professional. Always available and ready to support its client. She is very proactive in her approach, takes initiative and always delivers on time. I value her interpersonal skills, wide network in Brussels and great understanding of the EU legislative process.”

Xavier Noyon, Secretary General of European Biodiesel Board (EBB) www.ebb-eu.org


+32 476 591 091

+48 734 409 186


Boulevard Saint Michel, 47 1040 - Etterbeek – Brussels

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